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UNDP Romania's National Human Development Reports are among the most innovative and thought provoking analyses on economic political and social change. They cover subjects which include the transition process in Romania, and the implications of the EU accession process for Romania.

Developed from the concept of UNDP's Human Development Report, these national policy reports are produced at a country level, and are written and produced in Romania.

The NHDRs compare data from regions, provinces or localities on indicators such as education, life expectancy, gender disparities and income, pointing to achievements and disparities. They have transformed the global debate on poverty and development over the past decade.

More than 350 national, subnational or regional Human Development Reports have been issued since 1992. The reports have introduced the Human Development concept into national policy dialogues through country-led processes of consultation, data collection and report writing. Preparation of the reports brings experts from different fields together, often helping build a national consensus on key issues.



UNDP Romania's National Human Development Reports

NHDR 2007 NHDR 2003-2005 NHDR 2001-2002
NHDR 2007
(English / Romanian version)
NHDR 2003-2005
(English / Romanian version)
NHDR 2001 - 2002
(English version)


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